More applications

I’ve been adding applications almost daily – Koi Pond, Monkey Ball, Whoishere …

Koi Pond – a nice calm application. Though I seem to remember that real koi would be attracted to your finger rather than repelled. The graphics are what are most astounding. This is why the iPhone is not your ordinary cell phone.

Monkey Ball – a not so calm application, especially for those of us hand eye coordination challenged folks. Still it’s a fun game.

MPG – a small application to keep track of my car milage. It would be nice if it interfaced with my car, and my car kept a similar record.

Whoishere – is a social application. Intersting but perhaps buggy at this point. When I signed on, the nearest people it found were in Montreal – which it knew was 150 km away …

Then, not a true application, at least not explicitly …

Google Maps – I was chatting with Will about Whoishere, and it also gave him Montreal based fiends, but he is in Minnesota, not Vermont ! So, while sitting in the Waterman Cybercafe, I fired up google maps, searched for the Waterman Building. Google decided that my current location was at Main and South Prospect, and then gave me the one block walking directions to reach the Waterman building.

So, even with Wi-Fi, my location is well enough known for my uses.


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