Six more applications

6 Apps Screen Shot 200808-07-21

6 Apps Screen Shot 200808-07-21

WordPress – so now my posts can say “posted with my iPod” … as this one does …

Graffito – a geo-tagging application. Go to a spot – a museum, a park, a public square, a shopping mall, a cemetary, … – and post your remarks. The next person to come by will be able to read them and respond. Of course, since it is spatially based, you won’t be able to read the reply until you to back to that location. The concept is intriguing, the comments on the developers board even moreso. Definitely mind bending.

NYTimes – provides a clean repackaging of the paper for the iPhone. They clearly see what’s coming down the street.

Scribble – a doodle pad that may allow you to email the sketches. It crashed the first time I tried it; will try again later.

BubbleWrap– pop virtual plastic wrap bubbules. Nice simple game to pass the time of day.

Banner Free – make psuedo LED display bnners you can show to your friends.

Ok but trying to type in the links is not going to be fun.


a. The screenshot was taken by holding the sleep/wake button and pressing the home button. A white flash appeared and the screenshot was saved to the camera roll.

b. The links to the applications were added via Flock. Yea, Flock !


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