iPhone 1.99 – Now for some Google Tricks

Google-Apps-Home-Screen.png Google has adapted to iPhone 2.0 at high speed – with a half dozen or so applications mobiized:

  • google
  • google/ig
  • gCalendar
  • Gmail
  • gNews
  • gNotes
  • gReader

    Some, like mail and calendar, are SDK applications. Others, like reader and news, are Safari based.

    What’s most fun about them is that they, like AIM, Twitterific, and Facebook, break away from the “web page” syndrome. Or at least they do so on the first level. Once you get into, for example, a news source or a blog source, you have to deal with the original site and it’s idea of a web page. I wonder how far Google will go to extracting information, leaving the style sheets, site advertisements, site navigation – eventually the whole site – behind.

    Or perhaps, what we will see are sites adapting to the new media. Computing without computers, browsing without browsers. No mice, no keyboards, no Internet Explorer.

    The Google Mobile Blog has a nice article on Google’s recent efforts, see “New updates to Google.com for the iPhone,” Friday, July 18, 2008 http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2008/07/new-updates-to-googlecom-for-iphone.html

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