iPhone 1.96

Ok, the first pass at adding applications. What looks like fun?

The first things are the ones that I already use most of the time – AIM, Facebook, and Twitter. Each of them now get a nice icon on the phone.

AIM.pngAIM, instant messanger



The very first impression is that I think I like these better than the ones on my MacBook. AIM feels very chat-like, Twitterific is very twitterific, and most interestingly Facebook now feels more like chat and twitter than a portal page. That is something I like.

Facebook almost brings my exploration to a halt. The change in interface makes it seem much more personal, much more usable, much more mobile. This, I suspect, is much more like what Web 3.0 will be than some information portal like site.

Picking up the iPod touch was definitely a good idea.


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