iPhone 1.95

ipod-touch-5.jpgQuite frankly, the 10 million applications downloaded and installed in 3 days shocked me. On Tuesday (July 14th), I headed off to Small Dog to pick up an iPod Touch. I rationalized that I could turn this into my ibricking prototype. I’ll brick the pod first, then the phone. Any rationalization will do in a pinch.

That was, unfortunately, a slightly misfound action. I went to the store and the cupboards were bare, at least of the 8 Gb iPod. The weekend of the 12th and 13th was a Vermont Sales Tax Holiday, and Small Dog had a good weekend. But, I said, your website says you have some in stock! Yes, but those are in Waitsfield. Now if my check engine light wasn’t on, I would have driven to Waitsfield and been set.

Instead, I had to cool my heels and wait.

Two days.

The Touch arrived on Thursday and I picked it up that evening, and first things first, updated the software from 1.something to 2.0. Another $10 but, hey, it’s good practice for for unbricking :) It all went more or less smoothly except that:

  • iTunes is showing it’s age. The product registration process and then the update process all took far too many clicks and page refreshes. No wonder there were problems last Friday. Strategically, iTunes has got to go – get replaced with an iStore or something that has one-click shopping features like Amazon or Google Checkout. This was not nice.
  • Once I had downloaded some applications to iTunes to install on my iPod, iTunes said “ouch, that’s not my iPod, that’s someone else’s” – after, of course, it had installed the update. Luckily, the App Store Application downloaded the products I wanted directly to my iPod. And that was a 1-click process, with only a password required to verify the transaction. This was nice.

And now, spoiler coming, the real fun begins. And real fun it is.


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