iPhone 2.0

The process of bricking and bricking begins anew.


A month ago, Apple announced both the iPhone 3 G and the iPhone 2.0 software. The 3 G will work on (GSM) 3 G Networks; the 2.0 software will breakout of Safari browser land and work with the interal system with development supported by an SDK. The roll out would be accompanied by a the iPhone App store embedded in iTunes. [Hmm. Wondering if they are pondering an iStore in the future?]

On Friday, July 11, these became available in 22 countries – with 48 more countries lined up for the remainder of the year. The day was accompanied by server meltdowns – both at Apple and at AT&T. People were upset, at least until Monday when the story was unfolded. In the first weekend, over 1 million iPhones were sold, clearing the shelves. Even more interesting, over 10 million applications were downloaded.

Jailbreaking this time around will saner. The worldwide release means that the system has to be easily localized and relocalized; unlocking the sims is more of a feature than ever. The SDK will make it easier for the developers to build robust, interesting, and responsive applications. The ipod development team announced that the phone was ready to be broken – they already had the pre-release system jailbroken and would only have to tweak it for the released version. The unlocking of the 3G will take a bit more time since the hardware was unavailable and, initially at least, more difficult to obtain.


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