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How the iPhone becomes an iBrick

iPhone 1.1.1 Update Warning Message

The New York Times has had several nice reports on the “iBricking” of the “iPhone.” The commentary on the blogs are well worth reading – they seem to fall into two categories: one, following Saul Hansell’s lead that this is not a very smart approach on Apple’s and ATT’s part (neither for the short term or the long term; in Europe, the strategy is a dead-end to begin with since SIMs there are normally portable per GSM approach) ; and the other, the “they deserve what they got, they should learn to follow the rules!”


Katie Hafner, Altered iPhones Freeze Up, New York Times, September 29, 2007,

Saul Hansell, More on Apple’s Latest Product, the iBrick, New York Times, September 28, 2007, 3:13 pm.

Saul Hansell, Steve Jobs Girds for the Long iPhone War, New York Times, September 27, 2007, 7:01 pm.


iBrick – and how not to be one

Ok, here’s the plan.

I’ve bought a (reconditioned) iPhone a few weeks ago even though I live nowhere near an ATT service area (we have the other behemoth cell company to deal with here).

I bought it knowing that Apple and ATT and hordes of bots would try to turn my iPhone into an iBrick. (And that in the long run, this would happen – it’s all part of the techno-ecosystem.)

But in the spirit of the Mongol Rally, I decided to try and see how far I could get. I’m sure I’ll meet a lot of nice people along the way.

Hello world! Bon jour ! Ciao ! おはあ!

The beginnings of a (yet another) new blog.

Note: The theme here is Cutline by Chris Pearson. When I chose it, I just liked the general look and feel, but when I saw it full screen, I really liked the urban banner – it reminds me of New York somewhere in the vicinity of NYU, Montreal, Tokyo, Vancouver.